We supply, install and maintain the traditional PABX's or the fully IP [Internet Protocol] based PABX's from the manufacturers listed below; we can even provide a solution that integrates the two. System configurations are virtually limitless we install across the range from 40 to 4,000 extensions. We can and still do support the older PABXs such as the NT BTeX and iSLX and stock the relevant spares.

We are often asked to recommend a single manufacturer, but each and every project carries a need for a system specific feature, one system may have this as standard, another may have it but only as an expensive add on. However whilst all these options are viable it would be untrue to say that we do not have our preferred choices.

Proven system reliability especially for the marine environment has in our opinion to be top of the agenda.

Another important factor is the time taken and the prices charged by manufacturers to provide specific software packages, licenses or patches, some can be frustratingly slow, this for a land based project is manageable where a temporary fix and a site re-visit is not the end of the world, the same is far from acceptable when on a vessel in the middle of an ocean or working within the constraint of a sailing time. System administration is another factor and should be made as easy as possible for ships staff. Some systems are menu driven and are a lot easier to learn than a system where it is necessary for instance to learn a lot of system syntax.

Some systems are physically a lot larger than others and as we are very aware space is a limiting factor in the comms room on many vessels. Also there are systems that are a lot more robust in their build, another considered requirement for the marine environment.

We advise password protected modem access to a PABX to enable remote diagnostics and programming, virtually eliminating the need for timely and expensive repairs and maintenance necessitating a visit to ship.

Budget constraints often dictate decision making, we can [subject to availability] offer second user equipment at greatly reduced costs supplied with a full 12 month warranty and ongoing maintenance support.

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Sat Payphones

We have been involved in several projects with cruise line companies to supply and install payphone terminals that have both a satellite link while at sea and when docked connect into a land line. Air time is provided via a satellite link and a 24/7 phone service is provided to the end user.

We can provide a turnkey service on this operation including the supply and installation of the terminals, cabling and phone cards.