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Reducing Cost

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SIP Trunking

SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol – in layman’s terms SIP is simply the internet equivalent of a telephone line.

It is digital rather than analogue and works across any IP connection – ADSL, leased line, satellite irrespective of location.

SIP Trunks are flexible and require no hardware installation and can be turned on and off as needed.

SIP trunks are money saving, only costing a small amount for the call plus the cost of any internet bandwidth used.

They can be used to power entire ships or to add-on functionality to existing PBX systems.

Existing solutions

SIP functionality can be added to existing analogue/digital PBX systems by networking a small IP-PBX onto the main system and depending on configuration can add the following functions amongst many others:

PIN dialing from specified handsets.

WIFI or IP-DECT based mobile solutions for crew or passengers including apps.

Enhanced IP handsets and services to higher value cabins.

Additional SIP Trunks to bolster existing analogue satellite connectivity and reduce calling costs.

Four digit dialling from any vessel or office extension to any other connected vessel or office extension as though they were in the same building.

ITG technology partners

ITG have partnered directly with the leading technology providers in the marketplace to make SIP a reliable and realistic proposition for the cruise industry:

Tipicall Tata – the world’s largest voice carrier and SIP Provider.
50+ billion minutes PA.
Global Reach into over 190 Countries.

NEC – world leader in pure-IP PBX systems including the 8500 Enterprise server as used on all Disney Cruise vessels.

NEC Univerge SV8100 is the perfect device for adding SIP functionality up to 512 ports.

NEC Univerge SV8500 Enterprise handles the largest organisations and ships in the world providing endless SIP functionality to up to 192,000 ports.

Recognised leader in Hospitality Telephony and pure-IP systems with worldwide service developed over 50 years.

World leaders in IP-DECT with the only ship-based solution that automatically and seamlessly switches between US and EU frequencies.

NEC 8500 and IP-DECT technology used across the Disney Cruise fleet.

Ship wide solutions

Modern pure-IP PBX systems such as the NEC 8500 or Shoretel systems can replace the entire PBX on a ship saving space and increasing resiliency.

Analogue satellite lines replaced with a single IP connection carrying all the ship’s voice and internet on one connection.

Mobile extensions via WIFI or IP-DECT.

Reduced call costs and the flexibility to dial via the ship’s PBX from an app on passenger’s mobile increases likelihood of use and therefore revenue.

Cabins need not be re-cabled – existing analogue wiring can be reused with either analogue handsets or IP handsets in cabins.

Using colour touchscreen IP handsets in cabins linked to hospitality software will ease use and encourage spend whilst actively selling revenue generating activities such as excursions.


Shoretel – pioneering IP Voice communications company already providing SIP calling via IP satellite in the Pacific and Bering Sea.

Shoretel are known for their unique modular architecture allowing for easy add-on of new functionality or the ability to distribute an entire resilient PBX system across every part of the vessel.

They have pioneered the use of SIP at sea with their ground-breaking implementation for the entire Glacier Fish fleet in the Bering Sea removing all analogue satellite needs and replacing entirely with IP and SIP calling.

With proven ability to deal successfully with the main issues facing SIP via satellite – latency and quality of service.

Worldwide support and parts backup.